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Friday 24th March

5.30pm  TALK: Owen Dudley Edwards will give a talk entitled

"The Uses of Irish History in Scotland".  

Summerhall Red Lecture Theatre, Free entry.

Owen Dudley Edwards


Ireland has meant much to Scots including those of us Irish who settled in Scotland.  Irish history has usually been basic to Irish identity and some of it has a Scottish dimension from Cuchulain to Connolly.  But what is its value to Scots going forward into a debatable future with different priorities from their own past?

There must be deepening recognition that the two societies compare and contrast sufficiently to bring new dimensions to declarations of identity.  For instance majority religion since the Reformation whether in Ireland or in Scotland has been populist whatever the sectarian differences. Language has isolated great parts of both countries yet each individually had rich participations in Europe.  They have starved and killed in comparable ways. Both countries seem more demotic than most and each made formidable individual developments of nationalism.

We need each other more and more.